Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Running on Sugar Cookies

It was time for a cookie test and to eat and run! That's what I did during my recent 13 and 10 mile runs.

Eat and Run

Only an hour before running my 13 miler (2 1/4 hour run), I ate a large roll topped with peanut butter and jam (325 calories and 50 carbs). I ate yogurt and cherries before my 10 miler (2 x 15 minutes of hard running with 1 minute rest).

Running so soon after eating has worked for me before shorter runs so I wanted to try it for longer runs after reading that ultrarunner Stephanie Howe thinks that you can train your body to eat close to race time. I'd like to avoid waking up early to eat 2-3 hours before races begin!

The Cookie Test

Instead of taking a gel for my runs, I took a large sugar cookie with me. For the 13 miler, I ate a cookie quarter at miles 5, 7, 9 and 11. For my 10 miler, I ate half of a cookie. I don't usually have sugar cookies in my pantry so it seemed like a good time to try this cookie test. Besides, they always have cookies at ultras and I'm training for a 50K!

Test Results

I didn't have any stomach troubles so I'll continue my eat-and-run experimenting before my November 22 race. That means more sleep for me!

I'm not planning on running the Soler's Sports Texas Trails 50K Endurance Run only on cookies, but it was a fun experiment!

Have you done any testing with food that is not usually considered running fuel during your run?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Our New RV: My Race-mobile!

Friday, my husband and I took our first trip in our new Jayco RV! It was just a short trip to get some experience before we go on a longer trip. Our only other RV experience is from the time we rented an RV to go to Palo Duro, Texas two years ago so there are a few things for us to learn. We didn't have any trouble driving to the Lake Conroe KOA, which is not far from our home and north of the Houston area, while pulling our Jeep.

After making dinner, I baked chocolate chip cookies in the convection oven. They came out great, but there's more I need to learn about the oven. More cookie testing needed!

At the KOA: Texas-sized Chair and a Bike Ride
It was a good first trip. There are still a few things to figure out like the navigation system that kept telling us to turn off at every freeway exit on the drive there, but I'm sure we'll figure it out. Either that, or we'll just keep the volume turned off!

We've already seen a lot of the US, but I can't wait to see more of it and to travel to races and to new bike trails. This is going to be a fun adventure!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

10 Race Recaps & I'm Racing, too!

I'm registered for the Texas Endurance 50K Trail Race, held on November 22. It's at the same park where I ran the Hog's Hunt 50K Trail Race. This time I'd like to only run 31 or so miles without those added 8 miles I tacked on!

If the fall weather isn't enough to motivate you to run, read these race recaps for racing motivation. Signing up for a race gives you a goal to look forward to. Works for me!


Age Groups Rock blogger, Andrea, finished the Memorial Bridge 5K (ME & NH!) with a time of 28:48. She placed 2nd out of 11 in her age group!

I'm Running on Fumes blogger, Jan, placed 2nd in her age group and earned a PR with a 24:21 finish at the CLS Fall Fun Run (IL)!

10 Miles

Push My Limits blogger, Kecia, completed her first trail race at the Runner's Flat race (IA) in 1:41:21 only 4 weeks after completing an Ironman!

Half Marathon

Half-crazed Runner completed the hilly Freedom's Run Half Marathon (WV) in 1:43 and placed 2nd!

Lynne Hurrell set a national record at age 80! She ran the San Jose Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon (CA) in 2:21:20. What a great way to celebrate becoming an octogenarian!

Stuft Mama blogger, Kristin, completed the Raptor Ridge Trail Race (CA) in 1:42! She was happy to finish 7th female and to see zero snakes.


Ariana Hilborn finished the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon (MN) in 2:35! She came in 4th place in the US Marathon Championship competition. Read her recap for tips on eating before a marathon.

Fuel Your Future blogger, Tina (another Tina!), ran her second marathon this week. She completed the Chicago Marathon in 2:45!

Jen Chooses Joy blogger completed the Chicago Marathon in 3:42! After starting with the 3:50 pacers, she sped forward with negative splits.

One Red Head and Lighthouses completed her first marathon at the Maine Marathon with a time of 4:41! (Here's my recap from running the Maine Marathon in 2011 - a fun race!)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

20 Mile Run

Today I ran 20 miles with a fast finish. It felt good to see a 9:31 pace on my Garmin 220 for mile 18. Then I ran mile 19 at a 9:17 pace. The last mile was a cool-down mile with my dog. My average pace was 10:31 for the whole run.

After my run, I ran up and down the park stairs for 6 minutes. I was much more tired doing the stairs this week than I was when I did them last week after only 15 miles. Time seemed to stand still today!

Before the run, I ate a giant blueberry muffin from Cracker Barrel. My husband and I ate there yesterday and I had my first steel-cut oats (creamy!) and brought the muffin home for my pre-run meal.

During the run, I had three servings of the honey mixture I wrote about last week. Next time, I think I'll just take honey and leave out the molasses for a sweeter taste.

Photo Facts
The Beauty Berry Bushes (aka French Mulberry) are in bloom here in Texas and fill the park where I run. In the photo, you can also see the creek that runs below some of the paths where I run.

Monday, October 13, 2014

15 Mile Run + Stairs

Stairs Beside Park Path (Upper Center)
I added 5 minutes of stair climbing to the end of my long run this week. I wanted to get a little extra work out of my tired legs. Hopefully, that will make me a stronger runner.

Starting with only a few minutes of stairs was smart, I think. I wasn't sore after that day's workout and I'll increase the minutes next time.

I brought my dog with me when I ran up and down the stairs. So during my training she got some training in, too. Sit, Zoe, sit!

Last Week's Exercise 

  • Monday - 8 mile run (saw 2 coyotes, 1 deer)
  • Tuesday - strength-training:arms, 43 min. bike ride 
  • Wednesday - 15 mile run (fast-finish, time- 2:35, 10:21 ave. pace), 5 minutes on park stairs
  • Thursday - rest
  • Friday - 11 mile run (12:27 ave. pace, trails, saw 2 non-venomous snakes: a pretty lime-colored Rough Green & a TX Brown snake), strength-training: full body
  • Saturday - 50 min. ride, posture exercises 
  • Sunday - 10 mile run

That's 44 miles of running, 2 bike rides and 3 strength-training sessions and I feel good!