Thursday, October 30, 2014

Running Links & Race Recaps! 10/30

New Balance 980 Trail Shoe
Favorite Running Links of the Week

New Balance 980 Trail Shoe Review - I was given NB shoes to review! Click through to read what Mark, Craig and I thought about them.

Coach Brad Hudson Interviewed on Runner Academy - Most people run too fast on easy days. Run hard just a couple of days a week. Gradually build mileage over a long period, but maybe not only by 10% per week.

12 Ways to Build a Stronger, Faster Runner's Body - I did these no-equipment-needed exercises from the book Build Your Running Body on a running rest day.

Your Race Reports

Read about the runner who ran a half marathon dressed as a super hero, a first-time marathoner who BQ'ed and more!


Eat. Host. Run. Style blogger, Sun, completed a Pumpkin Run 5K in 23:03 and came in 3rd in her age group only weeks after running a marathon!


Fannetastic Food blogger, Anne, ran the MCM 10K (DC) in 51:17 with her husband!

Half Marathon

Hoosier Running Mom blogger, Staci, completed the Detroit Half Marathon in 2:02! The course runs from Michigan, into Canada and back again.

Organic Runner Mom blogger, Sandra, ran the CHaD Hero Half Marathon (NH) in 1:44 while dressed as a super hero!

Running Through China blogger, Lou, who is training for a 3 day endurance event, completed the Beijing Half Marathon in 1:44 despite the pollution being so bad that many of the runners wore face masks!

Sweet Miles blogger, Sarah, completed the Soaring Wings Half Marathon (AR) in 2:04 on a surprisingly warm day!


Fairy Tales and Fitness blogger, Lacey, completed the MCM Marathon (DC) with a longest run of only 15 miles!

Why Mom Runs blogger, Cheryl, qualified for the Boston Marathon at her first marathon, the Loco Marathon (NH), in 3:41!

Monday, October 27, 2014

22 Mile Run: 3 Things to Try When Training for 26.2 or More

There are less than 4 weeks until my 50K! I ran 22 miles at Huntsville State Park in training for the Texas Trails Endurance 50K, which will be held at the park. Either because running on trails is easier on the body or because I've gradually worked up to this distance, I had hardly any post-run soreness. 

3 Things To Try When Training for a Marathon or an Ultra

1. Carbohydrate Loading

I carbohydrate-loaded. There are different ways to load, but the day before my run, I ate 7 grams of carbohydrates for every kilogram of body weight. That's two times the carbohydrates I normally eat! I didn't feel any different than usual and I don't know if it helped. Have you tried carbohydrate-loading?

2. Practice with the Race-provided Food and Drink

I filled a 70 ounce Camelbak hydration pack with food that they might have at the race. I ate two Hammer gels, 1/2 banana, a honey sandwich (even though peanut butter and jelly is more likely) and peanut M&M's. It was all good. What are your favorite aid station foods?

3. Run on the Race Course or Similar Terrain

It was good to get in some miles running on root-filled trails, on sand, on hills and on a gravel road. You can't always run on the race route, but I'm glad I did because now there's less chance of making a wrong turn like I did at the 50K I ran at this park and more chance of a good race like the half marathon I ran there at the park. Have you run a trail race before?

Seen on My Run
  • 4 runners: I met another runner who is running the 50K.
  • 2 deer: I had to wave my arms to get one to move off of the trail.
  • 0 alligators! They live there!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Your Race Recaps! 10/24

What a great time of year it is to race! The weather is cooler for many runners and there are lots of racing opportunities. I found so many race recaps this week that I couldn't list them all!

Half Marathon

Blissful Britt completed the Poulsbo Half (WA)in 2:11 despite running on legs tired out from hiking. It was her 6th half marathon!

Running on Lentils blogger, Jennifer, earned a PR at the Butler Creek Half Marathon (PA) with a 2:28 finish!


A Mother's Pace blogger Angie, ran the Chicago Marathon (IL) in 4:22 and earned a huge PR!

Kinetic Fix blogger, Jennifer, completed the Detroit Marathon (MI) in 4:17 after recovering from a recent injury. The course takes runners through Canada and back into the US!

Mile 20 Running blogger, Kate, ran the Chicago Marathon in 3:09 off of the Hanson's method of marathon training - no runs longer than 16 miles!

Running Around My Kitchen blogger, Beth, completed the Chicago Marathon with a sub 4 hour finish. It was a 33 minute PR for her!

Terry Runs completed the Okanagan Marathon (Canada) in 3:42 and BQ'ed!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Running on Sugar Cookies

It was time for a cookie test and to eat and run! That's what I did during my recent 13 and 10 mile runs.

Eat and Run

Only an hour before running my 13 miler (2 1/4 hour run), I ate a large roll topped with peanut butter and jam (325 calories and 50 carbs). I ate yogurt and cherries before my 10 miler (2 x 15 minutes of hard running with 1 minute rest).

Running so soon after eating has worked for me before shorter runs so I wanted to try it for longer runs after reading that ultrarunner Stephanie Howe thinks that you can train your body to eat close to race time. I'd like to avoid waking up early to eat 2-3 hours before races begin!

The Cookie Test

Instead of taking a gel for my runs, I took a large sugar cookie with me. For the 13 miler, I ate a cookie quarter at miles 5, 7, 9 and 11. For my 10 miler, I ate half of a cookie. I don't usually have sugar cookies in my pantry so it seemed like a good time to try this cookie test. Besides, they always have cookies at ultras and I'm training for a 50K!

Test Results

I didn't have any stomach troubles so I'll continue my eat-and-run experimenting before my November 22 race. That means more sleep for me!

I'm not planning on running the Soler's Sports Texas Trails 50K Endurance Run only on cookies, but it was a fun experiment!

Have you done any testing with food that is not usually considered running fuel during your run?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Our New RV: My Race-mobile!

Friday, my husband and I took our first trip in our new Jayco RV! It was just a short trip to get some experience before we go on a longer trip. Our only other RV experience is from the time we rented an RV to go to Palo Duro, Texas two years ago so there are a few things for us to learn. We didn't have any trouble driving to the Lake Conroe KOA, which is not far from our home and north of the Houston area, while pulling our Jeep.

After making dinner, I baked chocolate chip cookies in the convection oven. They came out great, but there's more I need to learn about the oven. More cookie testing needed!

At the KOA: Texas-sized Chair and a Bike Ride
It was a good first trip. There are still a few things to figure out like the navigation system that kept telling us to turn off at every freeway exit on the drive there, but I'm sure we'll figure it out. Either that, or we'll just keep the volume turned off!

We've already seen a lot of the US, but I can't wait to see more of it and to travel to races and to new bike trails. This is going to be a fun adventure!