Restful Day

I'm taking a day off from running today after running 6 days straight, but we did go swimming after lunch for a little exercise.

This morning, a running friend told me about a local running group. They finish their group runs by 8 a.m. on Saturdays. So, if I join, I might be home from my Saturday runs before my husband even wakes up. But I might be so tired from getting up at 5(I hope that's an exaggeration!) that I have to take a nap once I get back home! So there's good and there's bad.

I just finished my Orange Ka-Bam Smoothie King smoothie. I had a good coupon: buy one 20 oz. smoothie and receive a free 20 oz. smoothie, so we went there last night for a treat. My smoothie was good, but it had 72 grams of sugar! I saved half of my drink for today and it was nearly as good as it was yesterday.

I like to make my own smoothies at home. I just throw a few items in a blender: a 6-8 ounce container of fat-free yogurt with some kind of fruit in it, half of a frozen banana, some frozen strawberries or blueberries, a little bit of crushed ice and some fat-free milk. A little bit of orange juice added in makes it even better.

~Gotta Run Now


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