Gary McAdams Summer Sunset 5K Race Day

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I woke up at 4:45AM, but the race doesn't start until 6pm! I always wondered if I woke up early on race days because I was afraid the alarm wouldn't really go off and I didn't want to miss the race, but I guess that's not the case. Maybe I'm just excited to wake up in Florida at the beach.

Yesterday, my husband and I picked up my race packet in Pensacola at the running store. If there's such a contest, the nice ladies who gave me my packet would win the prize for "Friendliest Race Packet People".

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We went swimming this morning. The waves were gentle and the water was warm.

My running clothes are on and my race number is safety-pinned to my shirt. I've got the usual pre-race jitters. I hope that the heat doesn't slow me down too much - it is 88 degrees in Pensacola right now and the race starts in about 2 hours.

Blogged at 10:45PM-
I'm back from the 5K and a walk on the beach and not only did I beat my best 5K time, but I also placed 3rd in my age group - for the first time! My gun time was 25:36 with a pace of 8:15.

My final plan was to run my goal pace of 8:15 for the first two miles and then to go as fast as I could. Here is the average pace I ran according to my Garmin:
Mile 1 - 8:16
Mile 2 - 8:17
Mile 3 - 7:50
Mile 3.11 - 7:56

I ran at a fairly steady pace for the first two miles and then I stopped looking at my watch and just ran as fast as I could. It was great to feel strong enough to run fast after two miles, but just before the finish, I felt really tired and wondered how much longer I could run. There was another runner near me at the time and we cheered each other forward. And just before the finish, there was a nice man spraying the racers with a cool spray of water!

I wonder if what you eat on race day is the secret to getting a PR? Today for breakfast, I ate 1 1/2 Krispy Kreme donuts and a big glass of milk. For lunch, I ate half of a piece of key lime pie with whipped cream while I waited for my fish and chips. Add to that a lot of water. I guess I'll have to eat this way every time I run in a race!

Race Update- They just put the race results up and there were 301 runners in the Pensacola 5K on Saturday. I was the 19th female to cross the finish line. There were 17 ladies in my age group and even though I came in at third place, I was actually fourth if you count the masters winner. Her time was a fast 20:43 and she was the second woman to finish! Her pace was 6:40. (Thanks to my husband and daughter for crunching those numbers. My husband has it all on a spreadsheet now!)

~Gotta Run Now
Photos: There I am with my husband in Destin taking a boat ride to some shops and restaurants. On the right, I'm holding my third place prize - a mug. It will remind me of our vacation every time I use it.


  1. SOOOOO???? I've been thinking about you all day and I can't wait to hear if you got a new PR!!

    I'm also curious to know if you were able to stick to your conservative pace for the first 1.5 miles = )

    Blog soon!! PLEEEEEEASE!!!

  2. Pony- I reread your comment from the other day for some encouragement, before we left for the race, to ease my butterflies. I was thinking "Try Hard" at mile two and beyond! Thanks!

  3. YAY for you!!!!! That's just awesome! Mega congratulations = ))

    Racing, or even just running, is the best time of day for me. I'm well-fueled and hydrated by that point, all my muscles are warm and loose and I feel ready to go.

    And yes, you did do some serious carb-loading during the day... hahaha

    My brother, John, says that you always run faster when you do an out-of-town race too...


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