A Happy Ending

Yay! I ran a four mile "easy" run and just kept a comfortable pace the whole way without worrying about what it was and my average pace was a "fast for me" 9:23.

When I shared this with someone in my family, whose identity I will protect (!), he teased with, "That's more than a minute slower than your last 5K race pace!"

My mile splits were: 9:22, 9:23, 9:14, and 9:33.

About a mile into my run, my right foot had a slight pain that worked up into my leg so I stopped and did a few ankle twists and stretches. I took off running again with no problems.

After running two miles, a soft drizzle of rain began. It was great!

Yesterday, I read an inspiring story about a runner, Danelle Ballengee, who fell and was severely injured on a run in Utah in December of 2006. As Ballengee lay on the desert floor for over two days, she wished she could tell her loved ones how much she loved them once again and she had a deep desire to keep on living. And live she did!

Doctors thought it might be months before she could even walk again, but last May, she entered a 12-hour adventure race! If you'd like to read about her, the great search and rescue folks and Ballengee's dog, Taz, who helped save her, visit: http://www.trainingrx.com/accident.html .

~Gotta Run Now


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