Florida Trip

I didn't do any running today, but this evening, DH and I went for a long walk along Destin beach in Florida. The sand looks like white sugar and the water is an emerald color. What a beautiful beach!

For dinner, we drove to Sandestin. We parked our car and rode on a boat to the restaurant which was in a little village called Baytowne Wharf. The village was lit with decorative lights and live bands were playing.

The smell of barbecued food pulled us into a restaurant and we sat down to eat at 9PM. As we were eating our beef brisket and baked potato, we noticed a bunch of people staring at the ceiling. Apparently, tree roaches like barbecue, too!

One customer chased the tree roach under the tables and across the floor, and it wasn't long before he yelled out, "He's dead." We applauded (DH started this!) and everyone cheered. The man bowed and bowed and bowed. He was having fun! Nothing brings a group of strangers together like a big bug!

The beach walk and the boat ride made this a perfect vacation day - but the bug sure gave us a good laugh!

~Gotta Run Now


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