Time for an Ice Cream Cone

I ran two miles to the park, did a few pull-ups, and ran two miles back home.

After throwing the ball for our crazy Weimaraner and stretching, it was time for weight work.

Strength-building: dumbbell squats, seated rowing, bench press, curls, tricep kickbacks. (3-5 sets of each.)

Crunches: 100
V-frame: 2 minutes
Plank Pose: 2 minutes

This afternoon, I stopped by Maggie Moo's ice cream and bought an ice cream cone. I just had to use a coupon I received in my runner's goodie bag at my last race - it was weighing my purse down! The Better Batter (cake batter) flavor with Oreo sprinkles in an Oreo sprinkled waffle cone is delicious. Don't tell DD! She might be jealous!

~Gotta Run Now


  1. DD officially disapproves this post... :P

  2. We just might have to plan a trip to Maggie Moo's together sometime soon!


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