Another Rest Day

I was ready to run at 6:30AM, but as soon as I took one running step, I felt the pain in my left ankle again. I decided to be safe and take another rest day. I'm disappointed, but hopefully the pain will be gone tomorrow. I can't wait to be running again!

So what does a runner/blogger do when she has a running blog and can't run? She makes peanut butter protein bars! The bars that I made taste like candy, but how could they not? The ratio of honey to other ingredients is almost 1:3!

I had my hair trimmed today and my hair cutter shared with me the story of how she came to America by boat (part of the way at least) from Vietnam in the 80's. She was only 25 and it took her a year to get here. She made the long trip with only her sister, leaving her parents behind. Her story reminded me of how grateful I am to have been born in America.

~Gotta Run Soon


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