First "Big Group Run" of the Season

Today our running group was warming up with a slow run at 6:15 AM. I was glad everyone ran at a slow pace because I knew that we were going to be working hard this morning. After the warm up mile, we did some drills that you wouldn't want to do if you were all alone in the parking lot on a major street like we were, but since we were in a group it was okay! The two 30 second sprints we did next were fun and we followed that with two miles. Then it was time to run two miles at marathon goal pace. I ran each of the miles at 8:55 minute miles. Then I ran the last mile at 9:25 for a cool down. We ran over 6 miles.

There were a lot of friendly runners in the group and it's easier for me to keep a fast (for me) pace when I'm with other runners. It was nice to have people to chat with while I run. I had a great morning.

We worked in the yard for hours before we finally had lunch and I was so tired that if it were to have rained so that we had to come inside, it would have been a relief. But it never rained hard enough!

We had a great day! I hope your day has been a good one, too!

~Gotta Run Now


  1. So...what is your marathon goal and which marathon are you going to run?

    I was on schedule to try to qualify for Boston at the Napa Valley Marathon in March but the Sugarland 30k totally trashed my shins and right hip and I ended up only doing the Houston Half and then having to skip Napa.

    I've since decided to back off my BQ goal and just try for sub-4:00... a 9:09 pace. That sounds like what you might be trying for also.

    So which marathon are you going to do? Houston???

    = ))

  2. Hi Pony-
    I haven't had time to visit your blog yet today, but I hope to read about yesterday's race there. Too bad about your injuries at the 30K. Ouch! A 9:09 pace would be great! I hope to be able to do that well, but we'll see if I can push it that hard.


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