First Day with Running Group

Today was the first day of our marathon training in my running group. Starting at 5AM, we did a mile warm-up run.

Then we did some crazy drills. Everyone walk on your heels with your toes pointed out and then with your toes pointed in. Then skip. Then skip with your toes pointed out. Then skip with your toes pointed in. Then run and do a flying somersault through the air and land with your toes pointed out. Not really!

Then we ran around the half mile loop two more times, but we added some fast running. We ran one minute fast twice, and half a minute slowly as a recovery each time. Then we ran down the street for two miles, turned around and came back. We ran a total of 6 miles today and my average pace was 9:33.

Next we did some strength-training. We did push-ups(it's a good thing I've been working on those), crunches, dumbbell work and some other exercises.

~Gotta Run Now


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