Keep an Eye Out for Gators!

I wasn't very observant today. Yesterday when I went running I was on high-alert - checking all of the ditches for wild critters. I did notice the water in the ditches was much lower than it was yesterday.

I got quite a scare when something made a loud noise as I passed some high grass on the side of a road. I never did see what it was, but sometimes birds can be surprisingly noisy. Only a few minutes later, I forgot to look for wild things and drifted back into just running along, staring at the road ahead and listening to music.

At my planned turn around spot about 3/4 of a mile from our house, there were some guys who had hopped out of their work truck and were jumping over a ditch. When I got closer, I saw a 4-5 foot alligator in the ditch. It really bothers me that I didn't see the alligator the first time I ran by that ditch!

I ran 6 miles and it was a really hot run because I didn't start until about 9AM. I think the "feels like" temperature was in the high 80's, but I felt fine. I came home two times to get a drink of water. My average pace was 9:29 and my splits were: 9:27, 9:26, 9:38, 9:20, 9:28, and 9:34 min/mi.

~Gotta Run Now


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