Let's Run!

I had a group run this morning. While running, I had a very slight pain once or twice on my ankle, but other than that, my ankle was fine. Running with the group makes the time seem to go by fast, but our group seems to be dwindling. This was our second day and there were only 5 of us. The group I run with on Saturday will be much bigger.

We started with a warm-up run and some stretches. Then we ran 4 miles (splits: 9:24, 9:20, 9:14 and 9:25) and did some strength-training exercises: crunches, push-ups, squats, and presses with dumbbells, etc. The mosquitoes nearly attacked me at the end and next time I'm going to try spraying on vanilla extract diluted with water and/or putting a dryer sheet in my pocket to keep them away. Either way, I ought to smell nice!

After my workout, I made some banana bread with walnuts for DD, who I'll get to have dinner with tonight. I used three bananas and I like the way I can taste the banana chunks in it.

When I finished baking the bread, since all of the baking ingredients were out, I started some peach crumble that I hope DH will like. (It's a new recipe.) You bake the top part on a cookie sheet and then pour it onto the peach mixture and bake the two parts together. I'm concerned that the top part (which is good - according to my taste test) will burn. I'll finish it tomorrow. If it works out, I'll blog about it. So if you don't hear about it, well, you know...

~Gotta Run Now


  1. ooooooh...we need to have a kaffe-klatch at your house!!

    Too bad we live so far from each other = (

  2. Maybe we'll run into each other at a race again!


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