The Mystery of the Ankle Pain

I've had a slight pain on the top of my left foot near my ankle since Saturday evening. I stopped running when I felt it on Saturday, but Monday I ran through it because I was with my running group and it didn't bother me until the very end of my run. Yesterday, I iced it and raised my foot thinking that it couldn't hurt to treat it like an ankle sprain.

This morning, I remembered that last Saturday afternoon, when it was so muddy outside after all of the rain, I wore my rain boots while I did some yard work. My boots had hurt the top of my left foot near my ankle every time I took a step so I changed into some other shoes. I'm taking a rest day from running and hopefully the pain will be gone tomorrow.

~Better Rest a Little


  1. My brother, John, has the SAME pain on his right foot! He thinks it's from running in heavy shoes on Saturday morning...had to run through ankle deep water on Cullen Trail.

    His symptoms now sound like tendinitis. Hope your soreness goes away soon!

    When's your next race? We're doing Lunar Run this Saturday... long way to go for a 5k but it's the last one of the "summer" and I've heard you get a techinical t-shirt.

    = )

  2. Too bad about your brother's foot. No fun!

    I think my next race might be the local Fired Up 5K on Labor Day.

    Running at the Space Center and awards that are five-deep. Sounds good!


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