Where's the Guacamole?

For breakfast, I made peach smoothies and then I played catch with Zoe, our Weimaraner, until she didn't want to play anymore. (That means that we played a very long time!)

This morning at church, the subject of getting up early to run at 5AM with my running group came up and the words "dedicated" (that was when I was talking with a running buddy) and "dumb" (this would be one of DH's no-good pal's comments!) both came up. Actually, I think it's a little crazy, too, but until I find a group who will run later in the morning, I guess I'll stick with it. At least as long as I can stand it!

We went out to lunch at Lupe's Mexican restaurant. The waitress brought us our water, iced tea, chips, salsa and guacamole and both DH and I got up to wash our hands. When we returned to the table, it was completely cleared off and wiped down. Did we come back to the right table or were we losing our minds? Yes and no. One of the employees came along and thinking that we were finished, took everything away. So we started over and DH told the waitress that we'd be sure to leave the table in shifts from then on!

Running Summary for Week of 7/23/07:

Monday- 5 miles, 9:38 ave. pace (minimal speedwork)
Tuesday- 4 miles, 9:25 ave. pace
Wednesday- 6 miles, 9:18 ave. pace (tempo)
Thursday- 4 miles. 9:43 ave. pace
Friday- 9 miles, 9:36 ave. pace overall w/2 miles @ 8:55 ave. pace (long run)
Saturday- 5 1/4 miles 9:44 ave. pace
Sunday (Today)- Rest Day

Total Miles for the Week - 33 1/4

~Gotta Run Now


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