Santa Barbara Wine Country 1/2 Marathon Race

I ran the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon before I had a blog, but I wrote about it in my journal.

In May, my husband and I took a 10 day vacation with our daughter and my mother-in-law and this race was part of our vacation. It was a great Mother's Day! Here are two entries I wrote in May...

May 13, 2007, Mother's Day-
Solvang, CA

I woke up at 4 am for the 7 o'clock race and ate a peanut butter Power Bar for breakfast and showered. I was starting to get nervous and trying to put off leaving for a few more minutes by stretching, but when my husband said he thought that I should leave for the bus, I left - a good thing, too. It was a chilly morning, but the timing worked out perfectly and I got a seat on a heated bus which took us to the starting line. I sat beside a runner who told me that she'd run in more races than she could remember. This was only my second half marathon.

We started the race in Santa Ynez, CA and it ended in downtown Solvang. I saw vineyards, miniature horses and we ran through Los Olivos, where a lot of people cheered us on. I tried to really pick up the pace at ten miles, but it was a tough race. I wanted to beat my previous half marathon time, but with all of those hills, I was happy with my 2 hour and 9 second finish time. My family was cheering for me at the finish line. : )

Some of those really steep hills reminded me of San Francisco. I'm not sure my family believed my horrible hill stories until my husband drove us along the race route after the race. He got out of the car and slowly jogged (really, he only walked!) up one of the hills to show me how easy it would be to run up those hills. He was teasing me, but the joke was on him when he looked to a side yard and saw that a homeowner was standing there and had watched the whole thing!

May 14, 2007-
I ran through downtown Solvang around 6:30 AM. The whole town smelled like Danish pastries because of all of the bakeries! I ran and window-shopped at the same time. When something in a store window caught my eye, like a quilt, I’d stop and look. This was just an easy run to stretch my legs after the race, but it was one of my favorite runs ever!

~Gotta Run Now
Photo: There's my husband beside me and our daughter running into the picture on the top of a mountain. The bottom photo shows me and my daughter (in the background) at the start of a hike in Sequoia National Park.


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