The Annual Cinnamon Rolls

I was looking forward to this morning's run. I had planned to run 7 miles and try some interval training I've never done before called swing-pacing. I was going to run three to eight minute segments of 20 seconds faster than MP race pace and 20 seconds slower than race pace.

I ran two warm-up miles, drank some Gatorade and picked up the pace, but I wasn't able to keep a steady pace. I was either too fast or too slow, so I tried to set my Garmin to sound some alerts. First, I set it for three 3 minute intervals, but I couldn't see my pace in that mode. So, I changed the plan and just raced to mail boxes along the road with short recovery jogs.

My pace record is a little complicated today, but it will give you the general idea.
Mile 1 - 10:06
Mile 2 - 9:44
Mile 2.5 - 9:18
3 minutes - 8:41
3 minutes - 9:45
3 minutes - 8:21
3 minutes - 10:11
3 minutes - 7:29
3 minutes - 10:45
Mile 5.5 - 9:54
Mile 6.5 - 9:11
Mile 7.5 - 10:02
Last .25 Mile - 9:30
Total Today - 7 3/4 Miles (I underestimated how far I ran and I didn't realize that it was all on my Garmin.)

After drinking a glass of chocolate milk, I did a 30 minute strength-training workout.

I started a batch of cinnamon rolls this afternoon. I did most of the work today and tomorrow all that I have to do is take them out of the refrigerator and bake them for breakfast. In my cookbook, I wrote the date of the last two times that I made these rolls and the dates were August of 2005 for DD's birthday and August of 2006 on the last Saturday before DD went off to college. I don't know why I don't make them more often because I sure do like them!

~Gotta Run Now


  1. Sounds like an interesting and fun workout! I like anything that mixes it up...makes the miles go by faster...that's nice when it's a hard workout but not so nice when it's an easy run and you want it to last longer = )

    Thanks for the advice on post-run refueling!

  2. Yeah, even though it didn't work out as I had planned - it was a fun run.

    You're welcome! I bet you've heard of those ideas before, though. :) I just hope you don't feel sick again.


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