ATP Running Group Week 5

It's hot and our air-conditioner is broken. The repairman is on his way to our house with the wonderful circuit board that will fix our problem and bring us some relief. Can't wait!

Our ATP running group met at 5AM and started with a warm-up mile around the park. Then we stretched, did a skipping work-out that sounds easy, but usually leaves me worn out and ran a couple of 30 second sprints.

After that, we did a work-out that included: 30 crunches, 15 push-ups, 25 body weight squats, 30 low-back extensions, 15 squat and dumbbell presses with 8-lb weights, and 20 lunges with 8-lb dumbbells. Maybe I'll use 10-lb dumbbells next time, which is what our plan calls for.

One of the other runners did a standing lunge that is easier on the knees which I copied hoping that I won't hurt mine. Rather than step forward for each lunge, you stay in a lunge position the whole time and just raise and lower your body without letting your knee go in front of your front toe.

Then we ran a couple of loops in the park and through the neighborhood. We talked about all kinds of things: Fig Newton cookies, eating breakfast or not before a run, running marathons, volunteering for a running club - and that made the run seem to go by pretty quickly.

Today, we ran 4.42 miles. My average pace was 9:53 and my mile splits were 10:00, 9:37, 10:02, 10:03 with a 9:31 pace for the last .42 mile.

We ran about a mile more than last Monday, which was good. I'd like to run at least 4 miles if I'm going to get up early and drive all of the way to the park. Next week, we're going to do something new - speedwork. I'm looking forward to that.

DH has the day off and we went out to lunch at McAlister's Deli, a nearby restaurant. We saw a couple of people that we knew and stopped to chat - the man who sold us our house (we bought a "for sale by owner" house) and someone we used to go to church with years ago. We don't happen to live in a small town, but it seemed like it today. Nice!

The air conditioner is working now and it feels great! The heat was starting to make me feel lethargic, but I'm feeling better now. Time for some housework.

~Gotta Run Now


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