4th Running Anniversary

We had a group run today. I ran a warm-up mile at 5:45AM. There wasn't anyone else going out for a run so I just ran by myself. I thought it might be good to warm-up before the green group started "racing" along. Also, I figured that the long run wouldn't be quite 10 miles and I wanted to run at least 10 today. I finished the warm-up, found the green group and we started around 6AM.

Here's how the run went:
Mile 1- 10:40 (warm-up)
Mile 2 - 9:14 (went out with the green group)
Mile 3 - 8:40 (see what I mean about "racing" along?!)
Mile 4 - 8:32
Mile 5 - 8:37
Mile 6 - 8:41
Mile 7 - 10:05 (water stop for rest of the group, slowed down to get a break and wait for them)
Mile 8 - 8:57 (running with the group again)
MIle 9 - 10:17 (running alone - can't stay up with the group anymore)
Mile 10 - 10:23 (stomach cramp, but I was going slowly anyway)
Last .84 - 11:23 (what's going on here?!)
Total - 10.84 miles

Too bad I didn't stop at mile 6 or so. I'd feel great about today's run! My average pace was 9:34 which sounds okay for a long run, but I had some problems today. I'm not sure why I got a cramp. I think I should drink more. I picked up something I've never tried before at the store today - Clif Shot Bloks that I'll try on my next long run. Maybe those will help with my endurance.

The last time I ran 10 miles, back in June, I had a pretty good run. I alternated with water and Gatorade, but today all that I drank was Gatorade. Also, in June, my last two miles were run at a 9:55 and 10:08 pace, better than today's last couple of miles.

I worked pretty hard today, though. We were supposed to run 3 miles at 10K pace according to our ATP running schedule, but I think I did 4 instead, so that's one good thing about today's run.
Today is my 4th Running Anniversary Day! I started running today four years ago and kept it up except for a short time when I had to take a break because of knee pain.

Speaking of special days, today is DD's birthday. She has started back to college and she's taking 18 credits so I don't think she has too much extra time for reading her mom's blog, but just in case, "Happy, Happy Birthday!" < : )

~Gotta Run Now


  1. WOW!! Congrats on the speedy run... almost tempo work in the middle of a long run... that's tough!

    And a big congrats on your anniversary!! Way cool beans = )

    Also, pass on b'day wishes to DD. It's still hard for me to wrap my brain around you having a daughter in college.

    We're the same age and I don't think I'm old enough to have a kid, much less one in college! But I know I am... hahaha Sure don't feel like it though...

  2. Thanks for the congrats and b'day wishes, Pony!


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