Homemade Pizza Again

I have had a pizza request for tonight's dinner. Have I been asked to call Domino's? No! DH would like me to make pizza here at home!

I'll be working on the dough this afternoon - mixing and kneading it. I'll use the Simply Recipes dough recipe and grill it just like last time. When I made pizza the first time, all three of us (DH, DD and me) worked on putting the toppings on and grilling it. That was fun!(If you want to read about the first time I made pizza, I blogged about it.)

Pizza Update: Dinner is over. I used a rolling pin to make the pizza dough really thin. DH got home in time to help me grill the pizza and put the toppings on. He made a pepperoni, sausage and black olive pizza and I made a grilled chicken and pineapple pizza. I only ate the chicken pizza tonight because I have a long run tomorrow and I wanted to eat a healthy dinner. We both liked the pizza!


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