New Weekly High

This is the first week of 2007 that I ran 35 miles!

If you have run a marathon this year, you have probably run that far already, but I hadn't. I did run a marathon in January, but I had a pain in my foot the week before the marathon and I took it real easy that week. In fact, I only did one run in the week before the marathon - a 5 miler. I didn't know if I would run the marathon until the morning of the race and my foot felt fine.

Yesterday, when I finished my group run, I was 1/3 of a mile short of 8 miles, which I had planned to run yesterday. So when the group got back to the starting point, I ran a 1/3 of a mile more. I needed to run 8 miles because I wanted to reach my goal for the week - 35 miles. It almost didn't work out again this week, but I finally did it!

I have my own four week plan where I keep adding one mile a week for 3 continuous weeks (I just finished week 3) and then have a recovery week (that's this upcoming week).

I'm in USA Fit and they give me a training schedule (in fact, I get two because I'm in two USA Fit color groups) which I'm trying to mesh with my personal plan. One problem with the USA Fit schedule is that I can only see one or two weeks of the schedule at a time so far. If I had been in USA Fit before I might be more comfortable blindly following the plan, but I still need a plan where I can see the big picture in order to plan around events like holidays and vacations.

In addition to the "add a mile each week and recover one week" plan, I'm trying to get up to a 40 mile week by September 23 - that's 16 weeks before the Houston Marathon.

Running Summary for Week of 7/30/07:

Monday- 3.5 miles, 9:41 ave. pace
Tuesday- 7 miles w/hills
Wednesday- 5.5 miles, 9:53 ave. pace
Thursday- 6 miles. 9:20 ave. pace (tempo)
Friday- 5 miles, 9:33 ave. pace
Saturday- 8 miles 9:30 ave. pace
Sunday (Today)- Rest Day

Total Miles for the Week - 35(a new high)

It was hard to run 35 miles this week, but in order to gradually reach a 40 mile week by September 23, I wanted to run 35 miles. My week didn't start off well with that too short group run on Monday and I almost didn't make my goal when my group run was on the short side yesterday, but it's done. I reached my 35 mile goal.

This morning I had Raisin Bran cereal and a strawberry, banana, pineapple smoothie. To make the smoothie, I blended frozen fruit, plain yogurt and milk together - no orange sherbet this time since it's a breakfast smoothie.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

~Gotta Run Now


  1. Ask your ATP coach about the full plan. I run with Champions Fit (in the Champions area...) and we have a password to get to the full season's workouts - 28 weeks or whatever it works out to.

    I suspect all USA Fit groups do.

  2. The head coach at Fort Bend Fit recently posted on our discussion board that they will only post two weeks of the schedule at a time in order to allow for changes and to keep people from becoming a "bandit". She said people who aren't in the group have tried to get the password so they don't have to pay for the program.

    Right now, I've got a week of the ATP schedule and almost two weeks of the regular color group(green)schedule.

    But thanks for the advice. So glad that you stopped by my blog!

  3. Wow. That's a sad state of affairs. Seems like they could at least give you either a hard copy or something a little longer than a couple of weeks.

    I know ATP generally mixes theirs up a bit more than the other groups (I run yellow), but there is a definite schedule - 2 months of hills on Tuesday, adding 5 minutes each week. Then it switches to speed work on Tuesdays, dropping back in time because the Saturday runs get longer.

    Mondays are always easy runs, Thursdays are tempo runs. Green runs an extra mile over yellow's schedule. But that's our group. I agree; there are always people who will try to get the program without paying, but it's a shame they don't have a work-around for that.

    Keep up the good work! I'll be glad to get through this next week; it's 50 minutes of hills and then we cut back next week a little bit.

  4. Thanks for all of the information on how the plan works and what's coming up, Barbara!


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