Sprint Like a World Champion

American Kara Goucher won a bronze medal in the 10,000 meter (6.2 miles) World Championship race last Saturday. She trained for running in the heat (race conditions were humid and in the 80's) by wearing a sauna suit, which is like wearing a trash bag. During the race she reminded herself of the 90 mile training weeks and the sauna suit and thought to herself, "Sprint!" Her finishing time was 32:02. To put that in perspective, she ran a 10K in about the time it would take me to run a 5K.

There were only 4 ATP'ers this morning and we started with a 1 mile warm-up, warm-up exercises, and two 30 second sprints. Then came the five 600 meter sprints followed by recovery walks/jogs and some tough exercises. Have I mentioned the 10 feet-elevated push-ups we're up to now? It gets harder next week. At the end of the 5 mile run, I did a one mile cool-down run.

And have I mentioned how hard those sprints were? Really tough. I tried to focus on one thought, "Sprint!" just like a world champion. ; ) Did I mention the hill towards the end of each sprint? I'm glad it's over!

My times for the 6oo meter sprints:
2:59 (Checked my shoelace that felt like it came undone - or am I just making excuses?!)
I'm learning how to use my Garmin which means that, finally, my times are accurate for this morning's run.

I'm planning on running the Fired Up 5K this Monday. If you pick up your race packet or register at Corelli's Italian Cafe, you get a free lunch on Saturday. I'm guessing that I'll be eating spaghetti for lunch on Saturday because I plan to pick my packet up there.

I got back home from the run at 7 this morning and I was outside weeding at 8:15. I'm taking a water break now. The temperatures are only in the upper 70's so far. It's time to get back outside to work on the yard.

~Gotta Run Now


  1. Great job on the 600's! You GO, girl = )

    Thanks, also, for the encouragement... I'm going to start taking St. Johns Wort for the next week or so. I'm obviously slipping into a funk...

  2. Are push-ups harder at a 10 foot elevation because of the thinning atmosphere up there???

  3. Hey Pony-

    I think the first thing we did when we met, after the 5K race, was to encourage each other! :)

  4. Dear Mr.Gottagonow-

    You had better be nice if you want any pudding - because that's what I made for dessert. And when I stop LOL'ing I might share some with you, or I might not. ;)


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