Fired Up 5K Race Results

Happy Labor Day! I am the proud owner of a fancy-shmancy pen and pencil set this morning. And you know what's engraved on the side of my pen and pencil set? Fired Up 5K 3rd Place! This is the second time I've placed and it's still very, very exciting. Can you tell?!

DH, was my support person this morning. He was driver, bag carrier, photographer, and dog holder. Yep, Zoe the weimaraner got to go to the race this morning. This was her first race appearance and she loved all of the attention. DH said he had lots of people to talk to during the race because of Zoe, who has ears as soft as velvet. I didn't realize it until later, but the 1st place woman in my age group (who was very fast!) stopped by with her husband and kids and although she probably will never read this, I want to say that her kids are so cute and so polite - asking permission to pet Zoe and then thanking us before they left.

I woke up at 5:10 AM and ate a banana and two fig newton cookies. I was a little nervous about the fact that I didn't have the usual butterflies flying around in my stomach this morning like I have had before every other race I've ever run. I got myself ready, took care of the puppies, and checked the weather on-line to see that we had 75 degrees and about 90% humidity. It was a little humid, but (thankfully, right?!) I've run in humidity many times before so that shouldn't worry me.

We left home at 6:10, got to the race location and I picked up my chip before I ran a slow warm-up mile down the race course. I got back to the starting line at 6:50 and found my place at 6:55. I started out fast. I didn't worry about my pace - I just ran fast. I glanced down to see some quick paces on my Garmin, but I decided to just try to keep the pace and not slow down. It was fun - for the first mile.

Then I got to the turn-around, just before the 2 mile mark, where I had hoped to speed up, and I was tired. I saw ATP Coach Vince calling out our times at mile 2 and I yelled "Hi!" and waved. Other than that, I stayed pretty focused on running. I heard DH call my name and some people yelled FBF, my running group's name (I wore a FBF shirt). Thanks - it sped me up! Then I noticed Kim, who turned out to be the 2nd place winner in my age group, ahead of me. I was afraid that if I slowed down and couldn't see her anymore that I'd give up and slow down, so she helped me to go faster, too!

After the race, I ran a slow cool-down mile and when I got back, DH put three fingers in the air! Third place!

5K Race Results:
Mile 1 - 7:23
Mile 2 - 7:52
Mile 3 - 7:58
Last .11 - 7:31
Finish time - 24:14, average pace 7:47 min/mile

(My goal was to beat my best 5K time, which was 25:36.)

~Gotta Run Now

See my Guest Blogger's race report with photos here.


  1. Congrats on your new PR and 3rd place finish.

  2. WAAAAAAY TOOOOOO GOOOOOO!!!!! Wow, you bettered your PR by over a minute...that's fabulous!!

    Congrats on the hardware = ) Sure wish you'd think about joining the Striders...we'd love to have you!

    We have a group that runs together in Sugarland now, a couple times a week... think about it!

  3. Steve-
    Thank you and congrats on "your" new PR! 20:34 - Wow!

    Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks! :)

  4. Congratulations! That's awesome news!

  5. Thanks, Barbara! It was tons of fun - except for the last mile. ; )


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