Fired Up 5K - Special Edition!

Brought to you by your guest blogger, Tina's husband - Live Blogging from Sugar Land

And they’re off! It’s Tina, Number 347, leading the pack!

And there she goes in a blur!  

Apparently exceeding the speed limit, Tina leads a high speed chase as she tries to evade the police!!

Worn out from all of the excitement, Zoe and Dad take a breather!


Safely back at the pavilion, Tina accepts her 3rd plaace award, a beautiful and costly pen and pencil set... "Yeah, Tina - hooray!"

I'm so happy... I'm so happy!!!" :-)

The End
You can find Tina's race report here.
And DH is my dear husband. : )


  1. How cute! Tell your husband he should guest blog all your runs - not just the races!

  2. Thanks, DH!! We love it when our men support our running addiction = ))

  3. Oh No! She gets up far too early
    for me. I had to get up at 5:45 and not take a shower in order to drive her to that crazy race! Once in a while is enough for me.
    DH :-)

  4. Obviously, DH posted the last comment - not me. Oops!

    Barbara - Now "that's" a funny idea!

    Pony - I think there was a big group of Striders at the race yesterday. Cool beans, right?!

    DH - But you want to take me to the half marathon, right?! Look at how famous just going to one race has made you!


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