Hip Flexor Strain

My day started at 3:11AM. My days are starting earlier and earlier, aren’t they? I woke up in the middle of the night, looked at the clock, decided to skip ATP and turned my alarm off. My leg has been hurting a little and I wanted to give it a chance to heal before Saturday’s long run. Then I changed my mind and decided to go to ATP, but to take it easy. So I went back to sleep until 4.

At ATP, I ran 1 ½ miles. When everyone else sprinted, I kept my pace slow. After that, we did about 45 minutes of “improve your running form” exercises. Rather than run another three miles with the group, I went home and worked with the weight machine and dumbbells for about half an hour.

I’m glad I went to ATP because a fellow ATP’er told me that I have a hip flexor strain and she showed me a good stretch I should be doing. I'll take a break from running tomorrow to give my hip flexor some rest and ice it.

I forgot my dumbbells at the park. When I finally got a chance to drive back to the park, they were gone. Too bad!

~Gotta Run Now


  1. Hope this goes away quickly! Sounds like you're doing everything right...

  2. And I hope your shin trouble passes soon, too. Hope, hope, hope!


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