Marathon Route Drive

I just ate some of the best watermelon I've had all summer - sweet and juicy. That's my kind of hydrating! It was one of those small, round ones and just the right size for a small family.

We were in Houston this afternoon and I saw the worst part of the whole marathon: the hill on Westpark near Wesleyan. It's some sort of overpass and it's near the middle of the marathon- maybe mile 12, I guess. Right after the hill, you take a right turn at a market on the corner. I'll be so happy when I get to that market- if I'm able to get that far without falling apart on that hill.

Then we drove down Post Oak. We weren't purposely following the marathon route; it just happened. I like that part of the marathon. There's shade along the way and it reminds me of the fun we've had in the Galleria area: ice skating at the mall and Easter egg hunts at the old FAO Schwartz toy store.

Good running group news: today I have all of this week's schedule for my color group and ATP so I planned my whole week out just now. I'm not doing either schedule exactly and I'm moving the days around so that I'm alternating the hard and easy workouts. Also I'm slowly ramping up my weekly miles.

I found this information in my scribbled notes about choosing a goal time for a half marathon: run a half marathon at 5K pace plus 35 seconds per mile or current marathon mile pace minus 20 seconds.

I'm looking forward to running in some new socks tomorrow on my seven miler, in which 4 of them will, hopefully, be at 8:17 pace - 30 seconds slower than 5K pace.

Running Summary for the Week of 9/3/07:
Monday- 5 miles
Tuesday- 5 miles
Wednesday- 7 miles
Thursday- 5 miles
Friday- 4 miles
Saturday- Rest
Sunday(today)- Rest
Total for the Week- 26 miles

~Gotta Run Now


  1. You know...that mile 14 hill seems so daunting...UNTIL you actually start running up it. I just put my head down, swung my arms, told myself it was fine to slow down cause I'd make it up on the downhill and then just kept going.

    Literally, before I knew it, I was up and over and thinking "that's it??? all that worrying over that hill for THAT?" It came and went really quick!


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