My New Socks: Adidas Ultra Tech

Running for nearly two hours and sitting on the riding lawn mower for another two makes it easy to sleep through the night. I had a wonderful 9 1/2 hours of sleep last night. And surprisingly, I didn't wake up sore after yesterday's long run.

I didn't run today, but I went swimming this afternoon and later, we had grilled steak for dinner. I covered the steak with kosher salt for an hour before grilling it and then rinsed the salt off and patted the steak dry before grilling. It was good and didn't taste too salty like you might think - just delicious. The salt tenderizes the steak.

Last week, I bought some new socks that I like. I've run in my new Adidas Ultra Tech socks three times: on an easy run, for speedwork, and on a long run. I need socks with cushioning and they have cushioning at the heel, ball and toe of the socks. Usually, after long runs my toes are wrinkled like raisins after being in soggy, wet socks for hours, but after yesterday's long run of twelve miles, my toes were fine. These socks wick away moisture. They retail for $8.

Running Summary for the Week of 9/10/07:
Monday- 7 miles
Tuesday- 5 miles
Wednesday- 6 miles
Thursday- 5 miles
Friday- 4 miles
Saturday- 12 miles
Sunday(today)- Rest
Total for the Week- 39 miles

~Gotta Run Now


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