Week 11 ATP (Advanced Training Practice)

What a great morning it's been!

We started a new phase in ATP and we seem to be focusing on our running form now. We ran a warm-up mile (8:41 pace! I was staying up with the speedsters today! Well, almost!) and then we ran two 30 second sprints with a recovery run and all of that totaled 1 1/2 miles.

Then we started the exercises. Most of them were new, except for the feet-elevated push-ups. (Are we cursed to do those forever?!) We did two sets of 15 of those. Those were one of the hardest exercises we did.

There was another hard exercise, but it was only hard because my ankles were tired of the repetitive motion of lifting my toes up (70 times) as I stood on my heels and leaned against a street-sign pole. The other exercises weren't that hard, unless you count trying to balance on one foot while doing various exercises hard. That's kind of hard, but not too bad.

After those exercises, it was time to do three miles of easy running, but rather than do that, I came home and fed our dogs their breakfast and did some speedwork in my neighborhood.

Here's what I did: 2 x (3 x 800 meters) with 90 seconds recovery (slow jog) in between each interval and 5 minutes of recovery between sets. So, I ran 1/2 mile intervals 6 times. My 1/2 miles weren't exactly 1/2, but here's how it worked out:

.46 mile @ 8:49 pace (4:05 min)
.37 mile @ 8:33 pace (3:12 min)
.55 mile @ 8:34 pace (4:41 min)
.52 mile @ 8:26 pace (4:24 min)
.54 mile @ 7:04 pace (3:47 min) (Saw DH and waved good-bye during this one!)
.54 mile @ 8:21 pace (4:30 min)

My goal was just to see what running at 8:45 pace (my MP) felt like and I did that some of the time, but it was more fun to just run fast. I ran 8 miles today.

I came home and stretched, did a couple more exercises, and ate breakfast (that would be my second breakfast because I ate my first one at 4AM). I have a new maximum on my push-ups today-20, without stopping for a break!

I worked outside for about two hours this morning after all of that exercising and it was pretty nice outside. I was scrubbing our swimming pool, which beats weeding any day. I tried to tire our weimaraner, Zoe, out before I started working by throwing the ball for her a gazillion times, but whenever I stopped working to rest, she ran up to me with her ball. The trick is not to make eye contact unless you want to play!

~Gotta Run Now


  1. All right!!! I told ya it wouldn't take long to ramp up on the pushups. That's awesome.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Barbara!

    And I have a new high for today- 24!


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