At Least I Ran Up the Hills

I ran fifteen miles at the park today.

Here are the mile splits:
Mile 1- 9:45/mile. I started at 9:30. The first three miles were a warm-up.
Mile 2- 9:21
Mile 3- 9:23
Mile 4- 8:35
Mile 5- 8:30 Ate a Powerbar strawberry/banana with caffeine gel.
Mile 6- 8:39
Mile 7- 8:56
Mile 8- 8:35
Mile 9- 8:55
Mile 10- 9:17 It was about 11AM and 67 degrees.
Mile 11- 9:29 Ate a Powerbar strawberry/banana with caffeine gel.
Mile 12- 9:03
Mile 13- 9:32
Mile 14- 9:30
Mile 15- 9:55 I finished at noon and it was 69 degrees.

Average overall pace: 9:10/mile

I had a goal: to run twelve miles at an 8:30/mile pace or better, but I couldn't do it.

I had to carry my water bottle in my hand today because my water belt rubbed my back raw on last week's twenty miler.

Towards the end of the run, I had a little trouble finding the path I wanted to run on. First, I ran one way and then the other and then back again.

Finally, I found the path, but there was a walker on it that I had to pass so I gave her a "Good morning!" before I got up next to her - I didn't want to startle her as I came up from behind. But she didn't hear me (headphones on) and when I got up next to her, she turned around and was so startled that she yelled. : (

The last five or six miles were not good. Nine-plus minute miles? Too slow. I stopped and stretched to give myself a short break. I felt sorry for myself. I got a drink. I tried to "conquer" the run -that's from a song on my Ipod. I remember thinking that if I could just run the last five miles fast, that would be good. But I was too tired.

So what went wrong? Maybe I'm trying to run too fast. Maybe the heat is to blame. Maybe I didn't eat enough carbohydrates in the last couple of days. Maybe I didn't drink enough on the run.

I just looked at two other schedules that I had been using and for this week's long run, they both had only four miles of marathon goal pace miles. At least I did have four miles within 9 seconds of my marathon goal pace today.

Sometimes, you try very hard and you still fail. Next week may be a better running week. Or it might not. That's how training for a marathon is. And that's how life is.

And now it's time to watch the movie 'Mr.Blandings Builds His Dream House.' Which reminds me, our front door has a new coat of green paint on it. It's the green of a fir tree...not a Fraser fir tree...but more of a California red fir tree.

~Gotta Run Now


  1. You did conquer the finished without quitting! Some days you run faster than you think you can, some days you run slower. It's just the best that you can do for that particular day.

    Your front door sounds GREAT = ) Green is my favorite color!

  2. Pony, congratulations on winning first place in the race this weekend!


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