There's Good and There's Bad

I woke up about 5:50 so that I'd finish my long run before it got too warm and ate a banana and a mini bagel. I put some water, my sunglasses and a towel out on the porch for a quick water-stop. I took water and two gel packets with me.

Mile 1- 9:40/mile pace. The streets were quiet and peaceful.

Mile 2- 9:20/mile pace. I was happy with this pace.

Mile 3- 9:36/mile pace. I was running out of things to think about. I guess had about two miles of thoughts in my brain. Impressive or maybe - not really.

Mile 4- 9:24/mile pace. "Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, get your adverbs here." Remember that song? This is the first time I listened to it on my Ipod (given to me complete with songs). I never would have guessed that this song would be a running song, but, "Slow down, Lolly!" because my Garmin says my pace was 8:53 and I don't want to go that fast yet.

Mile 5- 9:21/mile pace. I recovered from my boredom.

Mile 6- 9:05/mile pace. I ate a mocha Clifbar energy gel. Surprise - it was good and tastes like a thick, not-very-sweet brownie batter. The one problem with it is that it's brown. I stuck the mostly empty packet in my shoe lace and thought that I was so clever. (Last time I had a used gel packet, I stuck it in my pocket and after my run, my phone was sticky.) More on this later.

Mile 7- 8:44/mile pace. I thought I had gotten through half of my long run and I was glad. Also, I remembered that my plan was to stop if my foot or my leg hurt, but they never hurt.

Mile 8- 8:39/mile pace. What does running at 8:30/mile pace feel like? I couldn't seem to find that pace. I slowed down. I sped up and back and forth I went. When I caught myself slowing down, I still had the energy to speed up, though. I realized that the midway point was after this mile. I don't know what I was thinking before.

Mile 9- 8:39/mile pace. I still can't find 8:30. I either run too fast or too slow - mostly too slow.

Mile 10- 8:53/mile pace. I was tired. Where's that Lolly song?

Mile 11- 8:59/mile pace. At 11:45 miles, I ate a vanilla Gu gel (I'm cleaning out my gel packets). I stopped to put my empty packet in my shoe when I saw the chocolate brown gel spot that had leaked out onto my nicest running shoes. I felt so miserable. I don't like to stop running when I'm on a run and I wish I hadn't stopped because I didn't start back up right away. I had a pity party instead. It was hot outside and only 8AM. (By the time I finished, the temperature was 75 degrees.)I walked for a couple of minutes. I stretched a little. I drank some water. How else could I put off running? Finally, I started running again and I decided that I wouldn't look at my pace for awhile because it was depressing.

Mile 12- 8:56/mile pace. I started feeling better.

Mile 13- 8:30/mile pace. And just after I thought that everything was going to be okay and that I would be able to complete my run... up ran Scruffy, a neighborhood dog. Her owners weren't home and their backyard gate was locked so she got 2 1/2 miles of exercise.

Mile 14- 9:06/mile pace.

Mile 15- 9:26/mile pace. It was 9AM and I should have been done by now.

Mile 16- 9:52/mile pace. A driver drove by slowly and gave me a lot of space on the road. It just seemed like the nicest thing anybody could have done for me. With only one more mile to go, I thought I'd be able to compete the 16 miles. My pace didn't matter, as long as I was running. I was so glad to be almost done. Fittingly, on this Veterans Day weekend, the song "I'm proud to be an American" played on my Ipod as I finished my run. The first thing I did when I got home was hang our U.S. flag.

Total miles run today:16 at an average pace of 9:08/mile

After the run, I stood in the pool up to my waist for ten minutes with a large glass of chocolate milk. It wasn't ice, but it was a chilly 62 degrees. It was painful for the first minute or two.

After getting out of the pool, my stomach started to hurt so I got some Gatorade and put my feet up before cleaning up. I felt better soon and stretched.

And that covers my run. Now you know what it was like running 16 miles this morning. My Garmin says I used up 1281 calories - no guilt for me when eating oatmeal cookies today.

My goal was to run 16 miles with 9 miles being marathon goal pace or 8:30/mile, which I did for 1 mile, but not 9. That's discouraging. There'll be more runs when I can try it again, though. That's good and that's bad, depending on how you look at it.

~Gotta Run Now


  1. GOOOOOOD JOB, Chicky!!!

    Ugh...this morning was miserable... but at least I was in good company...we were ALL miserable!

    I missed seeing you at the race!


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