Houston Marathon '08 Race Recap

Just Before the Finish Line
I finished the Houston Marathon in 3:54:03 - my third marathon! When it was over, I was so glad to not be running anymore! It was so hard and the training was pretty hard, too! Maybe I'll try running a marathon again or maybe not. I'll think about it a few days, but mostly, I want to.

Maybe I would have made my goal of 3:50:59 (a BQ) if my Garmin had been working. I was running along at a good pace, but my Garmin got stuck on something like 8:25/mile pace and I thought I was running along just fine and at a pace that would help me meet my goal, but I wasn't.

A friend from my running group who was running the marathon, too, came along and tried to help me finish in my goal time, but I thought she must have been going a little too fast for me and that I didn't have to run as fast as she was going. (Remember, my Garmin was stuck at a good pace.)

We ran together around mile 17 and I didn't think to ask the pace - I didn't know anything was wrong with my watch. If I could have stuck with her I would have BQ'ed, but I lost her when I stopped for a drink of water and I just couldn't catch up. So maybe I wouldn't have BQ'd anyway!

The bad: I missed my goal by three minutes and three seconds.

The good: I PR'ed by one hour, four minutes and fifty-seven seconds! And I finished. And I am not running right now!

I only slept 4 hours the night before the marathon - so no more worrying about lack of sleep anymore! I ate a Powerbar strawberry/banana w/caffeine gel at miles 5, 11, 17 and 23. I drank water at each water stop until the end when I felt full. I didn't listen to music - not a problem.

Houston Marathon '08 Average Pace - 8:56/mi
  • 1st 10K - 8:25/mi
  • 2nd 10K - 8:26/mi
  • 3rd 10K - 8:47/mi
  • 4th 10K - 9:54/mi


  1. http://www.bostonmarathon.com/BostonMarathon/Qualifying.asp

    Hey chicky...check this out...if we wait until we're 44 and plan to run Boston when we're 45, our BQ is 4 hours!

    You did FANTASTIC! My Garmin got stuck in the 30k in 2006 and it's totally mentally defeating. I'm so sorry it happened to you but you should be very, very proud of yourself regardless!

    This possibly was my last road marathon...we'll see = )

  2. Yeah, maybe I should wait a couple of years to try again!


    I'd better check your blog to see why you say that.

  3. Actually, I believe you have the talent, ability and training to BQ now. Not sure if you'd consider doing a marathon in late February or March...how sore are you from today???

    Austin is hilly so that might not be the best but it is close. John swears by Napa Valley as a great BQ marathon but don't know if you want to travel to do a race.

  4. I'm not as sore as I was after running the marathon last year, but we'll see how I feel in the next couple of days.

    Napa would be fun, but I was thinking of somewhere closer - maybe Seabrook Trails Marathon in mid-March. I read that Napa has some hills. :(

  5. Tina, I was over here shouting "wow!!!" when I saw your time. I know what it's like to come within just a few minutes of a goal (although I'll never BQ, but just personal goals).

    Fantastic job!

  6. Barbara-

    If I would have missed my goal by only a few seconds, I think that would have bothered me even more. I'd be wondering what was the one thing (that took a few seconds) I shouldn't have done, that slowed me down.

    And thanks!

  7. Wow, You are awesome!


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