Pumpkin Muffins

Memories of Thanksgiving Day...The smell of pumpkin and spices...Warm pumpkin muffins...

Thanks to Ellie Krieger for the Pumpkin Muffin Recipe. I made two changes: I used regular wheat flour, not pastry flour and I didn't use pumpkin seeds.

~Gotta Eat Now


  1. Howdy! I printed out the muffin recipe and would like to try it soon.

    How are things looking for your marathon? Are you going to still do it?

    Are you going to "fun-run" it and not race it if your leg isn't at 100% or will you pass on it?

    I've been praying for your recovery and for whatever is going on with the condition of your leg.

    I thought about you ALOT this weekend...maybe someday we'll get to be on a relay team together!

  2. I want to warn you that the muffins are not real sweet and my DH would only take one bite of them!

    Thanks for the prayers.

    I'll have to head on over to your blog to see how your relay went this weekend.


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