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When Animals Chase

Like many runners, I've been chased down the street by a number of dogs. I've been scratched in the face by a large dog (no, he wasn't trying to attack me) and I've run as fast as I could from a little dog wearing a little diaper (yes, he was trying to attack me)!

But have you been chased by a chicken or a cat? If you could use a little chuckle, click on today's blog title and read some runner's stories about being chased by animals. I read down the page as far as the one about the owl who stole a runner's hat right off of his head. Hang onto your hats!

And be careful out there!

Ankle Update: My ankle feels fine and I hope to be running, or at least walking fast by April 1st.

~Gotta Run Now

Good Racing Pics

That's me running a half marathon on the mug my husband gave me. So, "Smile!" because you never know... you may be looking at yourself on a mug one day soon!

Photographer Karen Thibodeaux gave some tips for race photos in an article titled Thibodeaux a Racing Regular in the Galveston County Daily News by Bernice Torregrossa.
“We’re focused about 50 feet out, so that’s when you need to smile,” she said. “Run fast, so your feet go higher, and we can catch you with both feet off the ground.”

All you have to do is smile and run fast. Got it?!

~Gotta Run Now