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Pretty Windy

This morning I was outside and heard the wind pick up quite a bit. It seemed strange that it suddenly got so loud and I decided to go inside just to be safe, but the wind was so strong that I couldn't walk against it. I was pushed back against the fence and just had to hang on. Right beside me was the basketball goal that was picked up and thrown over the top of our fence. In a minute or two it was all over. Then I ran a three miler (9:29 overall pace). It wasn't as exciting as that wind, but I'm glad to be running again. I don't feel as sluggish and I get to eat more! ~Gotta Run Now

Wear Your Race Number

I ran three easy miles after doing some weight work this morning. I'm ramping up the miles a little, hoping to be ready to run a marathon if I get another chance. I'm still hopeful about qualifying for Boston someday.

If you want to order a t-shirt with your race number on it, instead of wearing the paper bib, there's a company who will print your shirt for you. Click on today's post title if you're interested. It would be a nice race souvenir.

~Gotta Run Now