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Impact a Hero Volunteer

I didn't run in the Impact a Hero 5k this year, but it was still so much fun. At first, I manned a volunteer sign-in table. With that finished, I made it over to the starting line just in time to see the racers in their wheelchairs, the runners and the walkers take off.

I learned a little about traffic control (it can be dangerous) and then I found the best job - I pulled chips off shoes. My husband sat beside me and we had a little chip competition going - the one with the most chips wins. We applauded and cheered for the folks who finished the race and gave a standing ovation to the heroes - the soldiers.

My favorite sights: the soldiers finishing the race; the toddler with a big pout who didn't want to run the 1K when everyone else did, but changed her mind a few minutes later; seeing a seventy-five year old finish the 5K in less than 25 minutes (I'd love to do that when I'm 75); and the little boy who ran the 1K in his cowboy boots. I sure hope that lil' cowboy…

Memorial Day

I ran six miles with ten one-hundred meter strides this morning. My overall pace was 9:12/mi.

It was nice to see the flags flying. I hope you have a good holiday!

~Gotta Run Now

Afternoon Update: I don't want this to become a snake blog, but I saw another snake today when I was mowing in the front yard. We think it was a big, fat water snake. Three days in a row of seeing snakes is a bit much for me.

A Double Run Day

Yesterday I ran six miles at 6AM, wanting to run before it heated up. I did a warm-up run for a mile and a half and then I ran three minutes fast and followed that with a three minute recovery jog four times total. Then I ran nearly two miles to finish up my run.

In the afternoon, my husband surprised me and asked if I wanted to meet him at the park when he got off work, so I got some running clothes on, asked our daughter if she wanted to come along and bring Zoe, the weimaraner, which she did, and we were off. It was about 90 degrees, so we took it easy and drank lots of water. Zoe cooled off in the lake. I ran a little, walked a little and did hillwork. For hillwork, I ran up a "10 second hill" five times, sometimes with some family competition.

I ran four miles today in our neighborhood. It was a little tough because of the temperature - 77 degrees. I had better start out earlier tomorrow.

~Gotta Run Now

Back Home

See the yellow smile face cookie? That's how we felt while on our California vacation. We had a nice trip visiting our family. I took way too many snacks with me. As you can see, they have food in California, too.

Sunday I got a good five mile run in with hills and stadium steps at a nice park. The temperature was in the 60's. So nice. We hiked in the mountains that afternoon.

Wednesday we were home and I ran about six miles and the temperature was in the high 70's with the "feels like" temperature of 84 when I finished. After a warm-up, I thought I'd do some fast half-milers. Towards the end of the first one I decided that I'd do quarter mile sprints instead because that first half mile just seemed to go on and on and on.

Today I ran five miles (average pace of 9:31) and it was only about 70 degrees.

~Gotta Run Now

Nutrition Article

Are you eating the right foods? I came across some information about nutrition written by Liz Applegate which you can read by clicking on my post title for today.

Lately, I've seen some articles that say runners don't eat enough protein. Today I kept track of the amount of protein that I ate. I've finished breakfast and lunch and I've already had my recommended amount (.5 grams per pound of body weight) so there's one less thing to worry about.

I worked on my triceps with dumbbells for a few minutes before my run. I ran five miles today - hardly looking at my Garmin to check my pace. It was a nice mental and physical break.

Here's something that has never happened before. I ran down a street where some kids were standing at the end of their driveways, waiting for the school bus, and three different kids yelled out "Good Morning!" as I ran by. How friendly!

~Gotta Run Now

One Question

I ran six miles this morning with an overall pace of 9:24. (My goal was to run with an overall pace of 9:16. That's thirty seconds slower than my marathon goal pace.) My splits were 9:18, 9:17, 9:14 and then I got slower with splits of 9:31, 9:28, 9:36. In the second half of my run I took a "walk and drink break" each mile even though I don't like to walk once I've started running.

One question is really bothering me: why can't I keep up the pace? Am I not eating right? Do I just need to be more patient? Was it too hot? Should I have had more than just water with me?

~Gotta Run Now


I ran four miles this morning. My overall pace was 9:17, and the best news was that when I got home and checked my Garmin, I saw that I ran the last mile the fastest at 9:09. (I usually slow down at the end and didn't expect today to be different.) Because I was getting tired, I started playing a mind game. Run fast to the mailbox. Run to the mass of Brown-eyed Susans. Run to the Blue Heron. Run until I hear the beep. Love that beep!Only four days until our vacation begins!~Gotta Run Now