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See the yellow smile face cookie? That's how we felt while on our California vacation. We had a nice trip visiting our family. I took way too many snacks with me. As you can see, they have food in California, too.

Sunday I got a good five mile run in with hills and stadium steps at a nice park. The temperature was in the 60's. So nice. We hiked in the mountains that afternoon.

Wednesday we were home and I ran about six miles and the temperature was in the high 70's with the "feels like" temperature of 84 when I finished. After a warm-up, I thought I'd do some fast half-milers. Towards the end of the first one I decided that I'd do quarter mile sprints instead because that first half mile just seemed to go on and on and on.

Today I ran five miles (average pace of 9:31) and it was only about 70 degrees.

~Gotta Run Now


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