A Double Run Day

Yesterday I ran six miles at 6AM, wanting to run before it heated up. I did a warm-up run for a mile and a half and then I ran three minutes fast and followed that with a three minute recovery jog four times total. Then I ran nearly two miles to finish up my run.

In the afternoon, my husband surprised me and asked if I wanted to meet him at the park when he got off work, so I got some running clothes on, asked our daughter if she wanted to come along and bring Zoe, the weimaraner, which she did, and we were off. It was about 90 degrees, so we took it easy and drank lots of water. Zoe cooled off in the lake. I ran a little, walked a little and did hillwork. For hillwork, I ran up a "10 second hill" five times, sometimes with some family competition.

I ran four miles today in our neighborhood. It was a little tough because of the temperature - 77 degrees. I had better start out earlier tomorrow.

~Gotta Run Now


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