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Are you eating the right foods? I came across some information about nutrition written by Liz Applegate which you can read by clicking on my post title for today.

Lately, I've seen some articles that say runners don't eat enough protein. Today I kept track of the amount of protein that I ate. I've finished breakfast and lunch and I've already had my recommended amount (.5 grams per pound of body weight) so there's one less thing to worry about.

I worked on my triceps with dumbbells for a few minutes before my run. I ran five miles today - hardly looking at my Garmin to check my pace. It was a nice mental and physical break.

Here's something that has never happened before. I ran down a street where some kids were standing at the end of their driveways, waiting for the school bus, and three different kids yelled out "Good Morning!" as I ran by. How friendly!

~Gotta Run Now


  1. You had 60 Grams of protein!!??

  2. DH(Dear! Husband)-
    I guess I'm just so happy to see any comments on my blog that I will even "approve" this one!

  3. hahahahaha...NO WAY that girl weighs 120! very funny = ))

    I am counting my protein grams today to see how I do. Thanks for the informative article!

  4. Pony-

    Maybe next week we should look at one of the other things mentioned in the article and see how we do.

    And thanks for the compliment!


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