Donut Run

National Donut Day was last Friday, and I didn't even get a donut! : ( That's a photo I took of a donut shop in Los Angeles while on vacation a few weeks ago, and I did get a donut that day. : )

I heard about a 5K race where you eat donuts during the race. You get points for eating donuts and get seconds deducted off your total time for the number of donuts that you eat. Will someone please put on a race like that in the Houston area?! Click on my blog title for today if you want to learn more about the 5K Doughnut Run.

I ran a little over 8 miles with six half-mile intervals today. My fastest interval was the last one. Yay! I ran it in three minutes and fifty-three seconds. Next time, I'm shooting for 3:50. It's great when my neighbors cheer for me. This morning, I got a "You go, Girl!" during one of those 1/2 mile intervals. It was a great run.

~Gotta Run Now


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