Garmin-less Run

I woke up at 6AM, ate some Cheerios topped with half of a banana, dressed and started setting up my Garmin for my run when I got the "low-battery" message. Surely, it could last just fifty minutes or so. Right? Nope. 1/3 of a mile into my run, my Garmin was dead.

I had planned a speedwork session with a run of about 4-5 miles. I estimated the distance I wanted to run and did the speedwork by how hard it felt. Since I was running in my neighborhood, I think I may be pretty close on my distance guesses. If gas wasn't about $4 a gallon, I could drive the run and see how I did right now, but instead I'll check myself the next time I run that same route.

I think I ran a warm-up mile, three intervals (3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 mile) with recovery jogs and about a mile (plus change) for my cool-down.

When I saw that blank screen on my Garmin, my first thought was that I should just go home, charge my Garmin battery and run later. Instead, I kept on running down the road, but I thought about why I wanted to keep going even without my Garmin. When you're running you have a lot of time to sort out the questions that plague you and I had 45 minutes to find the answer to my question.

I just like to run. The numbers aren't that important.

If only all of my questions could be answered as easily.

~Gotta Run Now


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