Good Enough

Today's goal: run 10 miles at 9:35 or slower except for two miles at 8:15.

I felt hot and sweaty in the first couple of miles - worse than usual, but a couple of miles later, I felt much better. Then I heard the barking.

This time, the loose dog didn't chase me down the street, but I sped up quite a bit (9:16 for that mile) when I ran by the dog and it was hard to slow down and relax afterwards. I know, I know... How hard can it be to slow down?

Later, when I had planned to speed up, I pushed myself for one and a half miles, but not two. Air? Where was the air? Sweat was dripping into my eyes and all that I had to wipe my face was my wet shirt sleeve. I hit mile 8.49 at the corner and I got a drink and I walked for a minute or two. One and a half miles would have to be good enough.

So I gave up on the speed, but not the ten miles. I slowed the pace down to "comfortable" and finished the run.

Here are the boring mile splits (at least that's what I've been told, so you know I'm listening!):

9:44, 9:40, 9:48, 9:32, 9:16, 9:26, 9:05, 8:13, 9:11, 9:32/mi.

Ave. pace: 9:20/mi. Still awake? ; )

Today's Deer Report: My husband saw a deer at 6AM this morning in the lot next door. We watched another one wander around outside tonight.

~Gotta Run Now


  1. Not boring AT ALL!!! I LOVE to see your splits...they give me something to shoot for = )

  2. Something for you to shoot for?! I believe you may have that backwards from what I remember of your interval times!


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