Python on my Running Trail

Sugar Land Memorial Park, Texas
Today I was finishing up my first mile at Sugar Land Memorial Park when I saw a 6 foot long snake. I ran up beside it and quickly ran off the path into the grass to put some space between us. Once I felt like I was a safe distance from the snake, I stopped and looked back.

At first, no one was around. After a few minutes, I saw my husband who was also at the park for a run. I waved my arms to tell him that I found a snake and that he should turn around. I guess I'm pretty good at pantomimes because he figured out that I had seen a snake. He gave me a thumbs up sign and started running faster towards the snake. That was not what I wanted!

He caught up to me and we found a pillow case laying beside the snake so we guessed that someone left their pet snake at the park. I called animal control and the snake was caught and taken to a Houston wild animal facility by the snake catcher. She thought he was a python and that he was a "sweetie"!

After our run, we looked at snake pictures online and at the photos that we took of the snake. We think it might have been a boa constrictor instead of a python. They look a lot alike.

So today I ran five miles at an 8:50 pace and I saw a coyote, which was overshadowed by something more exciting - a sweet python!

~Gotta Run Now


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