Upcoming Freedom 5K Race

'09 Update: Go to my updated blog post for 2009 Freedom 5K race information.

Posted on 6/23/08:
Yesterday I ran about six miles with some speedwork and today I ran some recovery miles. It feels good to run at an easy pace after a hard workout the day before. The humidity has let up a little in the mornings. Every little bit helps a lot.

Have you signed up for a Fourth of July race yet? It's time to sign up for the Freedom 5K in Sugar Land, TX. If you pick up your race packet at Raising Canes this Saturday, you get a free lunch. I hope I see you at Cane's and at the race, too!

~Gotta Run Now



  1. OK Honey, I'll see you there...
    I hope...

  2. I think we're going together aren't we??
    Are we taking my car?

    I would email you, but that seems silly since you are just in the other room...

  3. Let's save the gas money and bike there.

  4. When is dh going to start a blog??? That's what I want to know!

    = )

  5. Pony-
    That's just what I've told him!


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