A Better Twelve Miler

Because Hurricane Dolly might bring rain and wind to the Houston area tomorrow, this morning I decided to run my long run today instead of later in the week.

I ran twelve miles for my long run this week because last week I had such a hard twelve mile run. I thought it would make me feel better if I ran a decent twelve miles this week.

I drank Gatorade and had water with gel every couple of miles last week which made me feel terrible. This week I drank every two miles: alternating Gatorade and water. That worked for me today.

Today's run was so much better than last week's long run. I never felt like I couldn't run anymore. I didn't have to think up pep-talks. I was tired in the last few miles, but it was nothing like last week when I started out too fast. It's a good thing when a twelve mile run doesn't require everything you've got, but I'm not saying I felt like turning my twelve mile run into a thirteen mile run, either. ; )

Here are the mile splits: 9:48, 9:37, 9:48, 9:37, 9:39, 9:38, 9:54, 9:28, 9:38, 9:45, 9:59, and 9:59/mile. My average pace was 9:44/mile.

~Gotta Run Now


  1. Have you ever tried Accelerade? I love it and feel like it gives me a boost in terms of energy and endurance. The fruit punch flavor is yummy. You can get them at GNC, but I buy the cheap powdered version. Gatorade hurts my tummy, but G2 doesn't.

    What do you do with your Garmin for the 30-second sprints? Do you start and stop it like a lap and it tells you your pace? Mine is pre-set to tell me my one-mile splits, but I guess starting and stopping would give me my average pace per lap, too. Does this make any sense? :-)

    I don't know if my heart is in the marathon--thing. That's the biggest hurdle. Like you said on an earlier post---I have to remember I'm out there running because I want to be. Now I just have to make sure that's what I truly want! Thanks for your comment!

  2. To get the time for my sprints, I set my Garmin for 30 second intervals so that it would beep at me when each interval was over. In a "quick" workout, my Garmin shows one-mile splits, but not in the "interval" workouts, but that was okay this time. You can set up an "advanced" workout, too, on the 205, which I have, but I don't think I've ever used that option before. I should try it.

    What a coincidence that you bring up Accelerade! I was thinking about buying some this weekend to try until I read how horrible it tastes and changed my mind. Maybe I'll try it after all!


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