My Orange Shoes

Today was a long run day, but I'm taking a recovery week so it was sort of a short long run of ten miles at a comfortable pace (9:13/mile). A couple of weeks ago, I ran a ten miler at a comfortable 9:30 pace so there's a little bit of improvement. Maybe it's because of the last words I heard just before I left my house. My husband saw me in my orange (bright, bright orange) Asics DS Trainers and said, "Those shoes make you look like a fast runner!"

~Gotta Run Now


  1. Your blog is so motivating. I saw a couple of posts ago how you can clearly see your speedwork is working---your times for the 400's are improved. I've GOT to do more of that.

    A couple of questions---do you integrate any walk breaks into your long (or otherwise) runs? I'm knee deep into this Galloway book and that's a big point in his plan. 2nd question--I'm looking into getting a home treadmill. What kind do you have? I'm hoping to spend less than $1000.


  2. Thanks for the reminder about the 400's. Was that only last Saturday? It's a good thing I write this stuff down!

    I don't do any walking when I'm out for a run unless speedwork has zapped me of all of my energy. I did do a walk/run plan when I first started running, though, and that was really helpful.

    My Reebok RX3000 treadmill cost $1100 in '03 and one feature I really like about it is that it folds up when we're not using it. It's a good one.

    Thanks for the kind words, RunnerMom!


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