Freedom 5K Race Report

I found my place at the race start, chatted with another runner and soon it was time to begin running. I had trouble getting down to my goal pace of 7:34 and within the first half mile I thought that I'd already ruined my race. Not good! I didn't want to give up so early in the race so I started thinking like a cheerleader.

"Don't give up yet!"

"Way to round that corner closely!"

"Way to pass that runner!"

My finishing time was 24:01 minutes (7:44/mile average pace). I PR'ed by 13 seconds, but I wish I could have run at least one second faster. 24:00 sounds so much better!

This race made me want to push myself harder. Is it time to go running again? I'm ready!

~Gotta Run Now



    I thought about you this morning when I was walking the dogs... wondering how your race went and what your new PR would be.

    I knew you were getting a new PR today = ))

  2. You were more confident than I was then!

    I sure missed seeing you at the race this year. That was so much fun meeting you for the first time last year. : )


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