When It's Good To Be Wrong

Today the goal was to work on increasing my stride frequency. I followed a plan I came across that Greg McMillan came up with, which was to warm-up, run 10-15 sprints and 6-8 quarter milers (time should be 1:54-2:00 or about 8:00/mi and faster pace) and then to cool-down. How did the plan work out? I warmed up for a mile. I ran the sprints for one mile (I only had time for 9) and then I started the quarter mile work, with recovery jogs for half the distance.

The quarter milers were tough. By the third one, I was giving myself the "you're almost half-way done" pep talk. By the sixth one, I was telling myself, "Legally, you can quit. There will be no shame. The goal is to run from 6-8 of these." By the seventh one, the only one I went over my goal time with 8:21, I thought I should quit before it gets worse, but I didn't want to quit. During the eighth one, I was exhausted. I really didn't think I had anything left. I knew my time would be really slow, but somehow I ran it at a 7:57 pace.

I ran six miles today. I ran 38 miles this week.

~Gotta Run Now


  1. You sound just like me!

    I know that the pain of living with not finishing the workout or wimping out is far worse than the pain of actually doing the workout! hahaha

    And I ALWAYS try to make the last interval the fastest = )

    Good job! I sure wish I could run the higher weekly mileage that you're able too...

  2. I still don't know how I ran that last interval, but knowing I'm working on the last one is very helpful mentally!


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