Mid-week Catch-up

Sunday, I ran five miles at the park. My husband, who ran with me, saw a feral hog near the trees on the back loop so later when I ran along that path alone, I kept my eyes on those trees. It was uncomfortable to run while looking off to the side, but I didn't want to get chased by a hog. The problem with keeping your eyes on the trees is that you miss what's on the path ahead.

I just happened to look down in time to see a red, yellow and black striped snake within a foot of my feet. I took a giant leap in the other direction and ran down the path - fast! I don't know if it was a poisonous coral snake, a harmless milk snake or something else. Later, when my heart stopped pounding, I tried to remember the little snake rhyme that helps you identify the non-poisonous snake: "Red touching black is a friend of Jack." Unfortunately, I twisted the rhyme up so that if I'd trusted my little ditty, I would have thought the poisonous snake was harmless, but I think I've got it now.

I ran four miles on Monday and six miles on Tuesday. Tuesday my mile splits were: 9:18, 8:56, 7:25, 9:16, 9:00, 9:18. The goal was to run one mile at 5K pace and I was shooting for 7:34.

Today I ran five miles at 9:28. Perhaps it's because I'm rested from running fewer miles this week or maybe the humidity was low, but for once, this easy run really was easy. What a nice change. By the way, I ran by a deer this morning.

~Gotta Run Now


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog... yes, it does appear we have similar goals / marathon PRs. That's cool. We can hopefully help encourage one another.

    I posted my training plan a few weeks back... here is the url for the post


    I'm still trying to tweak it though - I want to really push myself this summer.

  2. Hey chicky...yes, I'm registered for the marathon in January.

    Already thinking about it, planning for it, dreaming of it = )

    I take it you won't be participating since you're doing Kingwood's marathon? I was thinking about you today... wondering if you chose that race because it will make it easier to BQ with less people to have to weave around.

    Good luck on your 5k on Friday! I'm trying to decide if I'm going to do the Lunar Run 5k on the 19th...

  3. Makita-
    Thanks for the link. I've been looking at the Runner's World Ultimate Training plans, too. I'm trying to push myself really hard this time, too. I really want to BQ this time.

    Good - we're both doing the Houston Marathon! Just like last January. Well, hopefully we won't run it just like we did in January. ; ) This year will be even better!


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