My Husband Catches a Snake

Yesterday, after we went for a run at the park, our dogs let us know that something was in our yard that didn't belong. Here is the video I took of my husband catching a non-poisonous snake that was on our back porch. If you're a snake-lover, don't worry, he only moved it away from the house. You'll hear my husband suggest I need to get closer to get a good picture, but I was pretty close to the snake. Really, really close!

~Gotta Run Now


  1. You all are TOOOOOOO funny!!!

    That was a really pretty snake though. How did DH know it was a girl though???

    You have a GORGEOUS yard!! Just think of the garden I could have with all that space = ))

  2. In fact, we used to have an herb/vegie garden. I'd love to have your wonderful garden in my backyard! When can you put one in?!

  3. I just watched our video again. I laugh every time I hear my husband say, "Okay, you can stop recording now!"

  4. Water snakes AND alligators?!! That is scary! Do the snakes live in the lakes where you can swim? Sorry, I'm such a chicken when it comes to snakes...and especially in the water!

    GREAT video, I would have been laughing so hard and you managed to stay so quiet. Love the speech bubbles and written narration.

  5. Hi Meg!

    It's unnerving enough to be up in a canoe knowing there are snakes and alligators in the lake. So, no, I don't swim in the lake, but others might.

    Glad you liked the video!

  6. Mercy! I'd have to move if we found a snake in our yard!

  7. hahaha!! that video is great!! i just saw it (2 years later!). did you all ever figure out what kind it was? my kiddos enjoyed watching it too! you WERE very close to the snake! :)

  8. My husband's best guess was that it was a broad banded water snake. We used to see snakes all of the time when we lived in the Houston suburbs: on the door mat when I opened the door, in the dirt when I weeded, in the pool, but since moving to the city we haven't seen one snake around our house and it's NICE!


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