Oops! 4 x 400 Meters

I planned to run four 800 intervals today. I looked at my running journal this morning to remind myself of my plan, but what was really on my mind was how glad I was that I was only running four of those intervals instead of six (because that was an option).

My husband and I drove to the park and I programmed my Garmin, but I had four firmly planted in my brain. I set my Garmin to run four 400's with two minute recovery jogs.

I ran at a warm-up pace for about a mile and then I threw in 6-7 sprints in the second mile. After running two miles, I started the 400's. The first two intervals were okay (in a hard sort of way), but the third one was so hard that I wondered if I could finish. The fourth interval was so hard that I thought if my Garmin didn't beep very soon I would just have to stop before the time was up. Then it beeped! Phew!

I ran about two miles in cool-down mode. Today's total run was 5 1/2 miles long.

After lunch, I got a chance to check out my numbers. Oops! I ran 400's (1/4 mile) instead of 800's. Kind of disappointing, but since it was in the low 80's during the run and the trail was shadeless, maybe that was for the best. The numbers for the 400 meter intervals were:

1st interval - 7:13 pace / 1:48 minutes
2nd interval - 7:08 / 1:47
3rd interval - 7:30 / 1:52
4th interval - 7:09 / 1:47

I compared my times with a similar run I did about two weeks ago (at the same time of day and similar temperature) and here's what I found.

7/13/08 average pace for first 4 x 400's: 7:53/mile (Click on my blog title for today to see that post.)
7/26/08 average pace for 4 x 400's: 7:15

Most of the time, when I feel crazy-tired I start thinking, "I should be able to slow down if I need to, right?" and then I slow down, but not today. Here are the new rules: Don't slow down until the Garmin beeps! Or the finish line has been crossed!

~Gotta Run Now


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