Recovery Run

My favorite lunch is leftovers (so easy!), but since I didn't have any and a peanut butter sandwich sounded a little boring, I made this chicken and noodles concoction. I cooked some chicken, some noodles and some vegetables and put it all together with a spoonful of basil pesto and topped it with some parmesan cheese. I thought it looked good enough to take a picture.

I'm still confused about which running plan to use to train for the marathon. I was really considering one of Pfitzinger's plans, but then I came across Matt Fitzgerald's Brain Training for Runners which has a few plans in it...

I ran a recovery run of five miles this morning at a 9:50/mile pace. I usually drink every two miles, but only wanted to bring one water bottle and planned to drink at the midway point. I was thirsty at mile two and had to get some sips at mile 2.3 and finally got a good drink at mile 2.5. I probably would have been fine waiting until the midway point, but when you're brain is used to a drink every two miles, any longer than that in the heat seems like the end of the world.

~Gotta Run Now


  1. Oh we're even eating the same food! hahahahaha

    We had grilled chicken strips with lots of veggies and fresh basil from my garden, served over brown rice but your penne looks really good too = )

  2. That is funny! If it weren't way passed my bedtime, I'd read your blog now and see if you wrote how your run went so I'll know how mine will go tomorrow. Ha! Ha!

  3. Hi Tina,
    I found you through Barbara's blog. Food looks yummy, book looks yummy too!

    Look forward to reading more of your adventures on and off the trail.

  4. Hi k-
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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