Two Marathon Pace Miles

I ran seven miles this morning with two being marathon pace miles. While I was out there running, I decided that I'd run the two marathon pace miles at 8:47 for a 3:50 marathon finish. Since I was drenched in sweat and tired after running four miles (part of this while running from a dog), it was an easy decision to make, but maybe not the best time to make it.

"Hmm... Do I feel like running at an 8:24 pace or 8:47?"

It was a little bit hard to get down to marathon pace. Those two miles were run at 8:54 and 8:37. If you average that, (let's do that or I'll be unhappy with the first mile) you get 8:45 or 8:46. Goal accomplished.

If I run with a marathon pace group, my finish time goal should be either 3:40 or 3:50 (they don't have a 3:45 pace group). I could try for 3:40, but that would be a stretch (8:24 pace) and it might mean starting too fast and slowing too much and not even finishing in 3:50. On the other hand, a 3:50 finish would only be a four minute and three second improvement, but it would mean qualifying for Boston which would be great.

~Gotta Run Now


  1. Great job on your MP miles! I'd like to start including some of them in my training also...

    Actually, I guess I did just that this morning! hahahaha

    I've backed off of my BQ goal and am using the training paces for just a PR goal, which would be great = )


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